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Jaded was born in a small town on the North Island of New Zealand and migrated to Australia in 1992 with his family to seek a better life. Growing up he was surrounded by the sounds of soul, funk and reggae. As a youngster he dreamed of being Michael Jackson, but this all changed after his first encounter with techno and house music. After being introduced to clubbing and falling in love with the sound of local Sydney DJs like Murat Kilic and Emerson Todd, Jaded rushed out and bought a very run down setup and started to hone his craft and his sound.

Years on from his first forays into electronic music, and rocking a better setup, Jaded's sound is still heavily inspired by his earliest musical influences and maintains a strong connection to the most important elements of these genres; bass, rhythm and soul. With an ever increasing number of DJ's on the scene whose sound is narrowed by the restraints of the genre in which they play Jaded bucks this trend. A true 'tune head' Jaded is always searching for the next dance floor thriller or old classic to throw into his sets.

Well regarded for this ability to fuse diverse sounds into sets that oscillate, pulsate, and thump Jaded has supported such DJs as Carl Cox, Lutzenkirchen, Martin Eyerer, Oliver Koletzki, Inxec, Satoshi Tomiie, Kaskade and Steve Lawler. Jaded has also played at some of the biggest nights in Sydney such as Spice, Sash, The Likes of You, Golden Cage, Bare Essentials , Fact , Kontrast and Verano.

More recently Jaded's focus has moved to the studio and music production. Whilst he has been dabbling with production for years in 2011 he stepped it up a notch. This increased attention has resulted in a first release. In collaboration with fellow Sydney DJ James Petrou their first track 'Toni's Pain' done damage on dance floors across the world and was supported by some of the hottest artists in the scene! Jaded is currently working on original music and remixes, set for a 2013 release on Trojan House Records.